Daryl Smith Arts

Creativity + recycling

Teacher and principal / artist and writer.  Throughout life, Daryl has maintained a passion for writing and art.  Inspiration is found in sights, sounds, and life all around.  These inspirations sprouted and grew into his works of poetry.

"A Quiet Night in June" grew from many of those jottings throughout time.  Experiences of joy and wonder mix with reflection and contemplation.  "A Quiet Night" and contains forty original poems that Daryl's penned.  The title is taken from his opening work, "Reflections on Cherry Blossoms and Pagodas" and recalls the magical world of Japan through the eyes of a near-college grad.

Daryl keeps a sketch book and pencil close at hand to sketch ordinary, everyday objects and surroundings in the fabic of life.  He used that love in his first book.  Daryl supplied the seventeen original watercolor pencil illustrations for the book.

Daryl was born and raised in central Indiana.  He holds a BA from Anderson University (History and Political Science).  He has an MA degree (Education) and an EDS (Educational Specialist) degree from Ball State University.  Daryl taught for sixteen years, was an elementary school principal for twenty, and a county economic development director for four years after retiring.

Daryl is preparing his second compilation of poems.  Look for it in April 2016.