Daryl Smith Arts

Creativity + recycling

It is thrilling to visit museums and exhibitions and witness firsthand inspiring works of art.  It is also thrilling to catch the passion and emotions shared in works of poetry.  Through my art I channel my inspiration found in museums, exhibitions, life, and nature.  In turn, I share inspiration in word and verse through my poetry. 

 "A Quiet Night in June" , is a compilation of the initial poems I have penned.  The title was inspired by the opening poem, "Reflections on Cherry Blossoms and Pagodas."  That piece recalled the magical world of Japan as seen through the eyes of a college junior visiting there for the very first time.  Seventeen watercolor illustrations were created to accompany the poems.  Click the link above for more information.

Soon coming:  my second book of verse, "Sunshine and Stormy Weather”.