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Daryl Smith

My commitment to the "reduce / reuse / recycle" philosophy and my love for woodworking is what inspires my art.  I take discarded pieces of wood and give them a new life as a work of art.  It inspiring and it is fun.  

Inspiration for my art comes from many places.  A stroll through nature may inspire a piece with earthy greens and browns.  Driving through a factory region may spark a piece with industrial grays.  A fading sunset may whisper of soft pastels.  Holiday celebrations may inspire bright, bold enamels.  My work has varied color palettes, but rovolves around a unifying theme of wood.  

Welcome to the world of wood wall art.  Here, the natural features of wood pieces blend with paints and stains to create works of art to adorn the rooms of welcoming homes.  

Red, Black, and Gray 4

Into the Forest

Using wood gives my works a natural feel that canvas works cannot duplicate.  Using many pieces of recycled wood in my art is earth friendly and beautiful at the same time. 

Copper and Gold

Aunt Jane's Quilt 

Natural Swirls

Rainbow Ripples 

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