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Daryl Smith

I have a strong commitment to the "reduce / reuse / recycle" philosophy.  That, together with my love of wood, drives the direction of my art.  To me it's a perfect match: the blending of recycling with wood working to create pictures.  It gives a new life to the wood.  I find it inspiring and fun.  I believe that passion reflect in the art I create.

Welcome to the world of wood art.  Here, the natural grains and tones of wood blend with paints and stains to create beautiful works of art.  

Midnight Tango
(8 x 10)

Using wood gives my works a natural feel that canvas works cannot duplicate.  Incorporating recycled wood in many pieces is earth friendly and fits my "reduce, reuse, recycle" philosophy.  

Swirls, 12x24

Rainbow Ripples  (14 x 18)

Inspiration for my art comes from many places.  A stroll through nature may inspire a piece with earthy greens and browns.  Driving through a factory region may spark a piece with industrial grays.  A fading sunset may whisper of soft pastels.  Holiday celebrations may inspire bright, bold enamels.  My work has varied color palettes, but rovolves around a unifying theme of wood.  

Grandma's Quilt 
(16 x 20)

Into the Forest
(7 x 14)

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