Daryl Smith Arts

Creativity + recycling

From fire and forge to hammer and saw..

My forefathers were Smiths, pounding and shaping metal into tools and weapons over hot fire and forge.  As MY ancestors migrated to American, they turned from metal to wood and made their living as carpenters on the American frontier.  Those Smiths transformed rough-hewn lumber into housing, cabinets, furniture, trim, and more as they moved westward from Virginia to Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas.

I earned paychecks as a school teacher, a principal, and an economic development director.  But throughout, my heritage called.  A passion for working with wood persisted.  Now, like my grandfather, great-grandfather, and ancestors before, I cut, shape, and create with wood.  I joined that passion with a love of art and a recycling ethic.  I create pictures and art using wood and recycled wood as my canvas and medium. 

I am indebted to those who have helped me along my artistic path.  Lynda Ellis (Lithon, GA) graciously tutored in acrylic painting skills.  Rena Brower's watercolor sessions (Delphi, IN) offered inspiring techniques and approaches.  Michael Fite (GA) assisted with woodwork tutoring.  In addition, coursework through the Museum of Modern Art and classes in woodworking and mixed media with Robert Spiece, Carol Nelson, and Marjie Kemper have helped me along my path.  

I also thank Marie Henderson and the Artists Network, the Tippecanoe Arts Federation, Wabash Valley Artists Society, and the Art League of Greater Lafayette.  I appreciate the help and support of each and all.

My artwork has been/will be shown at:
   Harrison College.  March - May 2018 exhibition
   Southern Heartland Art Gallery. May - June 2018
   The Tippecanoe Arts Federation.  Solo gallery exhibit (Lafayette, IN.  2016) 
    Art on the Wabash.  September  (West Lafayette, IN.)
   Delphi Opera House.  Nov.   (Delphi, IN)
   Friends of the Frankfort Community Library Fine Art Exhibition and Sale.  Nov.   
   The Tippecanoe County Home and Family Arts Open.  July (Lafayette, IN)
      -- 2015, 2017 First Place / Creative Recycling

   The Broadway Art Show. 2014, 2015.  (Monticello, IN)
   White County Council on Aging.  2014  (Monticello, IN)   

I am a member of the 
   Tippecanoe Arts Federation (Lafayette, IN) 
   Wabash Valley Artists Society  (Lafayette, IN)
   Art League of Greater Lafayette (Lafayette, IN) 
   Southern Heartland Arts Guild  (Covington, GA)

My book of poetry, "A Quiet Night in June," is available online through the Kindle store.   (Click here)

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