Daryl Smith Arts

Creativity + recycling

Handcrafted Wood Wall Art Creations


Featuring recycled and repurposed components

My art builds on a strong commitment to the "reduce / reuse / recycle" approach to life.  That, together with my love of woodworking, drives the direction of my art.  I think of it as a perfect match: blending wood and recycling together to create pictures.  It's inspiring and it's fun.  I believe that passion is reflected in my pictures.

In the Queue (8 x 10)

Serenity's Sparkle (8 x 10)

Jumpin' and Jivin' (8 x 10)

Gallery exhibition
Tippecanoe Arts Federation

Welcome.  Love art?  Love the textures and the feel of wood?  Love making the world a better place by saving and reusing?  Me too!  I love creating art from wood and reused wood.  Just check out the pictures below.  I think you will see my passion bleeding through.

Harmony and Diversity V
(12 x 24)

Celebrations in Gold and Black
 (16 x 20)

My work reuses/recycles wood, saving it from discard piles and "maybe later" bins.  It is too precious of a resource to waste with its wonderful natural texture, grain, and feel.  Using wood as a canvas and medium gives the art an organic feel that regular canvas works just can't duplicate.  

Rectangles and Circles  (10 x 14)

Mailbox Post   
(16 x 20)

(12 x 24)

This Way and That (10 x 20)

Vibrant Stains (12 x 24)

Harmony and Diversity 2
 (10 x 14)

Beyond the tones of wood stain, some of my art calls for shades of color.   For instance, a stroll through nature may inspire a work with greens and browns.  A drive through a manufacturing region may spark a work with a palette of industrial shades.  A late afternoon or evening walk may whisper to a pastel color palettes as the sun sinks in the sky.  A birthday or other festive occasion may dictate a work with bright, bold enamels.  Whatever the call or inspiration, I respond.  Here are more samples. 

Contemporary in Red, Black, and Gray 2.  (10 x 17)

Contemporary in Yellow and Black (11 x 17)

Rectangles with Yellow and Orange (8 x 10)

Rainbow Ripples (14 x 18)

Metallic Magic (9 x 12)

Red, Black, and Gray #4  (11 x 14)

Around the World  (16 x 20)

Towering Waves (12 x 24)

Metals of Honor (7 x 14)

Color Splash (12 x 24)

Colored Squares (8 x 10)

Into the Forest
(7 x 14)